Darcie Parton-Scoon Investigation & Consultation

Why pro-bono? 

It’s important to give back. Over 2,100 children are
reported missing every day with approximately 95 percent of those
children being categorized as a “runaway.” This has created inherit
gaps in the justice system for families of missing children. The
dynamics of the American missing world for children should concern
every American. In addition to the gaps the justice system inherently
causes, there is also a number of illicit and unethical organizations
asking for money or taking money from parents who would do anything to
get their children back.  I work with multiple private investigation
agencies in the state of Oklahoma that assist in the location and
recovery of missing juveniles and/or human trafficking cases at no
charge to the families. There are some mandatory requirements for
families that will qualify them to receive pro-bono assistance through
this agency. Some of the requirements are that the case:

1. Originate in Oklahoma
2. Be a juvenile not involved in a custody dispute where one parent is
not following court orders
3. If the child is not a minor, but we believe the missing person to
be a victim of human trafficking
4. Less than 19 years old

Once the children are found, we connect the families to local
resources that help place children into therapy or addiction recovery
homes. Currently, we’re working on a combined effort from several
non-profits to create a private crisis and trauma recovery home for
juvenile, female victims who’ve experienced significant sex crime

For pro-bono assistance, please fill out the form on this page with
some basic information about your missing loved one. We will typically
return a contact within a very short time.